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Melania’s Identity: What Slovenes Think of “Their” First Lady by Miha Mazzini

Časi: Postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (aktiv in pasiv). / Put the verb in brackets into the correct form (active and passive). Profiles of the First Lady Melania Trump are appearing everywhere. Despite having read quite a few, I have still have no clearer a picture… Preberi več

Word of the day: vibe

Linking words: Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z besedo/besedno zvezo iz tabele. so in addition When However After all By the time as as soon as Contrary to whilst Whilst having breakfast yesterday morning, I heard a news report from Rio about the Paralympics, which started this week. There was… Preberi več

Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof’s rival EU referendum flotillas clash on the Thames

Preberi besedilo, v katerem manjka 10 delov povedi. V spodnjem naboru A-J izberi ustrezen del povedi za vsako manjkajoče mesto (1-10). Odgovore (črke) zapiši na črto poleg številke. The Brexit battle took to the waves on Wednesday as Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof commandeered rival Thames cruiser boats… Preberi več

Britons furious over politician’s expenses

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko (active voice). British people are expressing their outrage over how much they have to pay for their politicians. Their anger increased this week after revealing that a politician’s husband ____________________ (1 CLAIM) expenses for two adult movies. The husband of… Preberi več

MPs – don’t ignore social media as the next generation of voters are watching it closely

Branje: preberi besedilo in odgovori na spodnja vprašanja s kratkimi odgovori. Who doesn’t use email in this day and age? Julian Lewis MP, that’s who. According to charity-run website WriteToThem, the Tory New Forest East MP communicates via fax, letters or phone calls. He doesn’t use a Twitter… Preberi več