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Relative clauses and the media 3

Poveži stavka v poved. Uporabi ustrezne zaimke (relative pronouns: who, which, whom, whose, where, when). Zaimke, ki jih lahko izpustimo, vstavi v oklepaj. 1 The leading type of media with teenagers is still television. This counters the myth of YouTube as the lead medium. _______________________________________________________________________________ 2 The Cube… Preberi več

Relative clauses and the media 2

Postavi vejice, kjer je to potrebno. Označi stavke (defining, non-defining). 1 I can’t stand this comedy. Can you switch to a channel that plays music? 2 A TV programme which is based on inter-human relationships is called a soap opera. 3 Breaking news: A tidal wave which has… Preberi več

Relative clauses and the media 1

Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z naslednjimi zaimki: who, which, whom, whose, where, when. 1 A quiz show is a type of programme ________ attracts large audiences. 2 Venezuela, _______ some of the most popular telenovelas are produced, is also famous for its natural beauty. 3 The producer is the person… Preberi več