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Meet the families choosing elite home-schooling

Besedišče na temo šolanja: iz konteksta poskušaj ugotoviti pomen podčrtanih besed/besednih zvez. Poveži besedo/besedno zvezo na levi z ustrezno definicijo na desni strani tabele. / Vocabulary – schooling: work out the meaning of the underlined words/expressions from the text. Match the word/expression on the left with the suitable… Preberi več

How to improve the school results: not extra maths but music, loads of it

Besedišče: poveži podčrtane bedese/besedne zveze z ustreznimi slovenskimi prevodi. Trije prevodi so odveč. / Vocabulary: match the underlined words/expressions with the crorrect  Slovene translations from the box. Three of them are not used. prisotnost neuspeh zapomniti si izostanki neopazen mladina bistven socialno ogrožen nepopisen proračun krožki neuspešen  … Preberi več

Texas schools bring back corporal punishment for bad behaviour

Besedišče: iz spodnje tabele izberi ustrezno manjkajočo besedo. / Multiple choice: choose the correct word from the box below. Three schools in Texas are reintroducing corporal punishment for bad behaviour. Staff will be able to use a wooden paddle to beat __________ (1) students in Three Rivers Schools District, which educates… Preberi več

Prince George starts first day of school

Gap-fill: dopolni prazna mesta z manjkajočimi besedami. / Gap-fill: fill in each gap with one suitable word.   Prince George has started his first day at school – but his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, missed the occasion as she was not well enough to take him. Prince… Preberi več

Rounders: a traditional English game

Besedišče: Dopolni manjkajoče besede, razlaga besede je v oklepaju. / Vocabulary: Fill in the missing words, a definition of the word is given in brackets. Rounders, old English game that never became a seriously competitive sport, although it is probably an (1) a _ _ _ _ _… Preberi več

Playing chess does not make children cleverer, study finds

Glagoli, ki se končajo na –ing/-ed: izmed oblik v oklepaju izberi pravilen odgovor. Children who play chess won’t necessarily become smarter, a major new study has revealed, debunking the long-held association between chess skills and school grades. Researchers who studied the academic performance of 3,000 primary school children… Preberi več

Back To School, Back To Blues

Preberi besedilo, v katerem manjka 8 besed. Iz spodnjega nabora izberi pravilen odgovor  za vsako manjkajoče mesto (1-8).  This article was written by teen reporters from The Mash, a weekly publication distributed to Chicagoland high schools. For some students, the first few weeks of the new school year are exciting.… Preberi več