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Research suggests being lazy is a sign of high intelligence

Preberi besedilo. Označi, ali so spodnje trditve pravilne (T) ali napačne (F) ali niso omenjene v besedilu (NG). New research seems to prove the theory that brainy people spend more time lazing around than their active counterparts. Findings from a US-based study seem to support the idea that… Preberi več

Back To School, Back To Blues

Preberi besedilo, v katerem manjka 8 besed. Iz spodnjega nabora izberi pravilen odgovor  za vsako manjkajoče mesto (1-8).  This article was written by teen reporters from The Mash, a weekly publication distributed to Chicagoland high schools. For some students, the first few weeks of the new school year are exciting.… Preberi več

Student 3D-printed his own braces and saved around $7,950

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v pravilno obliko. A digital design student has managed to sort out his crooked top teeth by 3D-printing his own brace, saving an estimated $7,950 (£5,485) in the process. Twenty-three-year-old Amos Dudley realised last year that he wasn’t smiling so much because he… Preberi več