Question words in English

Na prazna mesta v povedih ustavi ustrezno vprašalnico iz spodnjega nabora. / Fill in each gap with a suitable question word from the box.

How much How many Who Who
What What colour What flavour What kind/sort
Which Where When (What time) Why
How How old How often How far
How fast Whose What is X like What does X look like

1 __________ do you talk to when you have a problem?

2 __________ sugar do you take in your coffee?

3 __________ is Slovene national flag?

4 __________ do you have to exercise to stay in shape?

5 __________ of music do you prefer?

6 __________ of ice cream is the healthiest?

7 __________ projects are you working on now?

8 __________ works with you on your projects?

9 __________ do you usually go on a holiday?

10 __________ are you when you come of age?

11 __________ flies but has no wings?

12 __________ does a jet plane fly?

13 __________ does Statue of Liberty __________?

14 __________ paintings are most expensive in the world?

15 __________ is the sky blue?

16 __________ do birds communicate?

17 __________ of these two pens is yours?

18 __________ is the weather __________ today?

19 __________ is the best time to work in the garden?

20 __________ is Texas from Slovenia?


Rešitve naloge / Answer Key