Relative clauses and the media 1

Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z naslednjimi zaimki: who, which, whom, whose, where, when.

Relative clauses 11 A quiz show is a type of programme ________ attracts large audiences.

2 Venezuela, _______ some of the most popular telenovelas are produced, is also famous for its natural beauty.

3 The producer is the person _______ is responsible for the overall shape of the programme.

4 Television, _______ is still the most popular medium today, was invented a hundred years ago.

5 Ellen DeGeneres, to _______ people often refer as the funniest talk show host, used to star in a sitcom called Ellen.

6 20th century was the time _______ live coverage of sports events could first be seen on television.

7 20th century, _________ my mother was born, was also famous for the great developments in industry and medicine.

8 Miran Trontelj, _______ reporting style was legendary, used to present weather forecasts.

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