Relative clauses and the media 2

Postavi vejice, kjer je to potrebno. Označi stavke (defining, non-defining).

Relative clauses 21 I can’t stand this comedy. Can you switch to a channel that plays music?

2 A TV programme which is based on inter-human relationships is called a soap opera.

3 Breaking news: A tidal wave which has hit Atlanta has destroyed much of the city.

4 Megan Lewis who is our new presenter introduces and reviews programmes.

5 ‘The Weakest Link’ which is a very popular quiz show is based on general knowledge and is broadcast daily on BBC television.

6 The time of day when most people are watching television is known as prime time.

7 The contestant whose cake will be ranked best by the judges will win.

8 Larry King after whom the famous talk show was named died in 2010.

9 The late-night presenter John Smith’s face started puffing up horribly while on air which shocked many TV viewers.

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