Animal Farm by George Orwell: The Plot

Dogajanje: uredi dogodke po kronološkem vrstnem redu (1-18). / The plot: put the events into the correct chronological order (1-18).

Rezultat iskanja slik za animal farm

The animals are taught the alphabet.

The windmill is ruined by a storm.

Several animals are executed by dogs.

The pigs move into the farmhouse and hire Mr Whymper.

Napoleon sells Mr Frederick a pile of timber.

The name of the farm is changed to Animal Farm.

Napoleon takes puppies in order to train them.

“Beasts of England” is presented.

The name of the farm is changed to Manor farm.

The battle of the Cowshed

Old Major’s speech

Mollie leaves the farm.

The pigs play cards with neighbouring human farmers .

Snowball is chased off the farm.

The Seven Commandments are painted on the side of  the barn.

Boxer is sent to be slaughtered.

The windmill is blown up.

Old Major dies.


Rešitve naloge / Answer Key