Reported speech: Reporting verbs used with a gerund

Prepiši poved tako, da uporabiš enega od glagolov iz tabele v pretekliku in spremeniš, kar je potrebno. Primer je dan. / Sentence transformation: rewrite each sentence using a verb from the box in the past simple and making the necessary changes. An example is given.

apologise for accuse of suggest admit (to) complain about



0 Sara: I know it was Billy who published a photo of me on facebook.

Sara accused Billy of publishing a photo of her on facebook.


1 Liam: Yes, I’ve spilt red wine on your carpet.

Liam ___________________________________________________________

2 Student to teacher: I am sorry I haven’t done my homework.

The student _____________________________________________________

3 Frank: Shall we go for a long walk?

Frank __________________________________________________________

4 Sally to children: I hate having to cook the same dishes all the time.

Sally ___________________________________________________________


prohibit deny confess (to) insist on

5 Joe: No, I didn’t let the secret out.

Joe ____________________________________________________________

6 Suspect to detective: Yes, it was me who robbed the post office. I’m sorry.

The suspect _____________________________________________________

7 Child: I do want to get a big box of sweets for Christmas.

The child _______________________________________________________

8 Art gallery sign: Do not take photos!

They __________________________________________________________

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key