The Infinitive – Active and Passive

Vstavi pravilno obliko nedoločnika. / Insert the correct form of the infinitive: simple, continuous, perfect simple, perfect continuous, active or passive.

1 The boy seems _____________________ (try) for hours, but he couldn’t repair his bike.

2 The child’s parents pretended _______________ (like) his artwork.

3 It must be a great feeling to ____________________ (sail) in a world-famous regatta.

4 The doctor wondered whether his patient was old enough _________________ (tell) the truth.

5 He happened _____________________ (walk) down the street when I saw him.

6 The spacecraft was about _____________________ (launch) when they lost contact.

7 Her dad wanted her _________________ (study) at the time when he returned home.

8 The children pretended _____________________ (study) all morning.

9 The burglars thought about how _____________________ (not notice) in the light of day.

10 I’d like _____________________ (try) paella when we were in Barcelona.

11 I don’t want to be at this lousy party, I’d prefer __________________ (sleep) in my bed right now.

12 The pandemic has forced us _______________ (stay) at home.

13 The presidential candidate hopes _________________ (elect) next week.

14 Luckily, we were allowed to get out of the house soon. We wouldn’t like _________________ (lock) inside for months.

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key