Police dog catches burglars

Preberi besedilo in vstavi vsak naslov iz spodnjega nabora na ustrezno mesto.

Police dog

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Three burglars were arrested yesterday. They were waiting in a bus shelter five miles from the scene of their crime. They had stolen some silver from an antique shop, had hidden everything in a nearby wood and were waiting for a bus to go home.

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But they had not thought about the determination of police constable Jane Basham and her dog, Rex. PC Basham was working at the local police station when she received a call about a break-in. When she got there, she found footprints in the snow.

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Her dog led her to a car park and then into a wood. There they found the silver which the burglars had planned to collect later. Rex then continued accross the fields, over a railway line and through a river.

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They followed the river and finally arrived in the village of Brimfield. Rex took PC Basham straight to the shelter where the three men were sitting in the cold. She called for help and the men were arrested and charged with theft.


a) Rex first found the footprints of the burglars

b) Rex showed PC Basham where the burglars were

c) Rex followed the footsteps from one place to another

d) The burglars thought they were safe


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