Archaeologist Claims Discovery of Aristotle’s Tomb

Časi: Postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko. (Active and passive)

AristotleAt an international conference commemorating the 2,400th anniversary of the birth of Aristotle, Greek archaeologist Konstantinos Sismanidis announced that his team ____________________ (1 DISCOVER) the philosopher’s burial place. Although Aristotle is known ____________________ (2 DIE) in Chalcis, Greece, two literary sources suggest that residents of Stagira (or Stagirus), the city of his birth, ____________________ (3 MAY/TRANSFER) his ashes there. The tomb, ____________________ (4 LOCATE) near the agora (marketplace) in the center of the city, was a domed structure with a square marble floor; there was also an altar outside the tomb and a pathway ____________________ (5 LEAD) to its entrance. Sismanidis acknowledged the circumstantial nature of the evidence but expressed confidence that his team had made a historic discovery. “I have no hard proof,” he ____________________ (6 QUOTE) as saying, “but strong indications lead me to almost certainty” that the tomb was that of Aristotle.

(Adapted from on 27 May 2016)


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