Present Perfect Simple & Continuous 1

Časi: postavi glagol v oklepaju v ustrezno obliko: present perfect simple/present perfect continuous. / Put each verb in brackets into the correct form: Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous.



a) How long ____________________ (YOU/TAKE) French lessons?

b) How many French lessons ____________________ (YOU/TAKE)?


a) I know you’re a good cyclist. But ____________________ (YOU/EVER/CYCLE) in the Olympics?

b) You look hot. ____________________ (YOU/CYCLE)?


a) Tina Maze ____________________ (SKI) since she was a little girl.

b) What do you think, how many miles ____________________ (SHE/SKI) in her life?


a) The poor woman ____________________ (WRITE) letters to charities for weeks.

b) She ____________________ (ALREADY/WRITE) at least twenty letters.

Rešitve in razlaga (Answer key and help)