Classroom management

Gap-fill: vstavi manjkajočo besedo na ustrezno mesto.

Classroom managementThe ability to manage a classroom is very important. A teacher with poor classroom management skills may __________ (1) clearly outline or consistently enforce classroom rules. __________ (2) a result, he or she may be unable to control students. In __________ (3) an environment, students feel confusion about what is expected __________ (4) them. This increases the likelyhood of conflicts __________ (5) students and the teacher. The teacher is unable to prevent these conflicts, which may cause feelings of anger to exist on __________ (6) sides.

Strong classroom management, __________ (7) the other hand, creates a positive learning environment __________ (8) students. The teacher consistently corrects students when they misbehave, and reinforces positive behavior. The teacher anticipates classroom behavioral problems, and takes preemptive action __________ (9) ensure that these problems do not occur. When conflicts do __________ (10) place, the teacher is able to relolve them quickly and effectively.


(Adapted from the coursebook Kindergarten Teacher, 2014)


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