Conditionals (all) & structures: I wish, if only, I’d rather etc. 1

Prepiši povedi tako, da ostane pomen nespremenjen. Uporabi pogojne povedi tipov 0, 1, 2, 3, mixed in strukture I wish, if only, I’d rather, it’s time.


0. You should take more exercise because that’s the way to get fit. – If you take more exercise, you’ll get fit.

1. I don’t enjoy school and I don’t do very well.
If _______________________________________________________________________.

2. Our weekend away was a complete disaster.
I wish ____________________________________________________________________.

3. I had an accident because I wasn’t watching the road.
If _______________________________________________________________________.

4. My best friend always borrows my things without asking.
I’d rather ________________________________________________________________.

5. Maybe I won’t manage to finish the work this weekend. In that case I’ll try to get it done on Monday.
Unless ___________________________________________________________________.

6. I’m not in your position. I am not able to advise you.
If _______________________________________________________________________.

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