Reported Speech : Questions (1)

Odvisni govor: Prepiši vprašanja v odvisnem govoru. / Reported speech: rewrite each question in reported speech. 

1 »When do you usually get off work?«

I asked Zack ______________________________________________________________


2 »Do you enjoy media attention?«

The interviewer asked the actress_____________________________________________


3 »Why did you become a policeman?«

The boy asked his father ____________________________________________________


4 »Is your brother going to Australia for good?«

My friend wanted to know __________________________________________________


5 »When will the doctor see me?«

Jane asked the nurse _______________________________________________________


6 »Are you enjoying your meal?«

The waiter asked me _______________________________________________________


7 »Why is the sky blue?«

The child asked his mother __________________________________________________


8 »Has this puzzle ever been solved?

The student asked me ______________________________________________________


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