Vienna life – cultural quirks

Na vsako manjkajoče mesto v besedilu vstavi ustrezno besedo iz spodnjega nabora. / Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box.

Rezultat iskanja slik za vienna fast food sausageAustrians are often considered overly formal, shown, for instance, in their insistence _______________ (1) the use of titles and honorifics. Even those with an undergraduate degree will be ______________ (2)  as “Magister”, while those with a PhD are referred to as doctor, _______________ (3) matter whether they have a medical degree.

A simple “hello” isn’t accepted unless you’ve established a close relationship with a business partner. _______________ (4), “Grusez Gott”, which literally translates into “Greet God”, is the common phrase business partners use when they shake hands in this Roman Catholic nation.

In many respects, _______________ (5), Austrians are more relaxed and laid back _______________ (6) their northern neighbours in Germany. Being five or 10 minutes late isn’t seen as a big deal in Vienna.

Proud of their old customs, the _______________ (7) will eagerly invite business partners for traditional meals, which often includes beer or a glass of Grüner Veltliner white wine _______________ (8) lunch.

After a visit to the grand opera house, business partners will often be taken to the “Würstelstand”, the ubiquitous street stalls selling sausages.

“It’s high-­class fast-food, nothing like McDonalds, and you can prepare to be taken there as a business traveller. My advice: Don’t ask for fork and knife,” Kainz laughed, explaining that the sliced sausages are served on a paper plate and dipped into horseradish, ketchup and mustard with your hands.

(Adapted from on 14 July 2016)

1 on in with
2 addressed adressed addresed
3 doesn’t not no
4 Despite Instead In addition
5 through thought though
6 than then like
7 Vienners Viennese Vienns
8 over for at the

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key