Word formation: base ending -e (1)

Besedotvorje: preberi pravila, nato postavi besedo v okepaju v pravilno obliko. / Word formation: read the rules, then put the words in brackets into the correct form.

Rezultat iskanja slik za ePRAVILO:

  1. Neslišni ‘E’ (se ne izgovori)

+ pripona na samoglasnik: odpade.

• move + ing =moving 
• hope + ing =hoping 

+ pripona na soglasnik: ne odpade.

• hope + ful =hopeful 
• engage +ment =engagement 

• true + ly +truly 
• whole +ly =wholly 
• due + ly = duly 
• nine + th =ninth 
• awe + ful =awful 
• argue +ment =argument 

Besede, ki se končajo na -ce in -ge + -able in –ous: ne odpade.

• notice +able =noticeable 
• change +able =changeable 
• courage + ous =courageous 

2. Slišni ‘E’ (se izgovori) – ne odpade.

• see + ing =seeing 
• agree + ment =agreement 

Besede, ki se končajo na -ie + -ing = sprememba v -y

• die + ing =dying 
• tie + ing =tying 
• lie + ing =lying 

1 Our camp site is perfect for families as it offers a wide range of sports and other __________________. (ACTIVE)

2 The two opposing parties will negotiate a ____________________ to the crisis. (SETTLE)

3 September is the ____________________ month of the years. (NINE)

4 The ____________________ of our drinking water is measured regularly. (PURE)

5 All the hotels are full in my town at this time of year. There simply isn’t enough ____________________. (ACCOMMODATE)

6 The ____________________ to his lecture seemed promising, but later it turned out that his speech was utterly dull. (INTRODUCE)

7 Natural selection is often called the ____________________ of the Fittest. (SURVIVE)

8 It is believed that if bees started ____________________, humans would not survive. (DIE)

9 The whole family gathered at the ____________________ table to celebrate Christmas. (DINE)

10 After the devastating earthquake, the politicians ____________________ united in their willingness to help the ones that have lost their homes. (SURPRISE)

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key