Word of the day: vibe

Linking words: Dopolni manjkajoča mesta z besedo/besedno zvezo iz tabele.


so in addition When However After all
By the time as as soon as Contrary to whilst

Whilst having breakfast yesterday morning, I heard a news report from Rio about the Paralympics, which started this week. There was an interview with former medal-winning swimmer and member of the House of Lords, (Lord) Christopher Holmes, who’d been inspecting the sites in the run-up to the opening. “It’s going to be great”, he enthused. “The vibe here is amazing!”

I was struck by his use of the word vibe – which he chose to use instead of the more common atmosphere – __________ (1) it’s mostly been clubbers and my friends’ ageing hippie parents that I’ve heard talking about vibes. __________ (2) a word is used on the BBC Radio 4 news, you know it’s become truly mainstream.

Sometime in the mid-1960s, people started talking about the vibrations – soon shortened to vibes – that they felt people, places and events gave off, __________ (3) the Monterey festival in 1967 was (apparently) full of love, peace and good vibes, __________ (4) those who attended Altamont two years later claimed it was giving off bad / heavy vibes even before the murder by Hell’s Angels of a young black man called Meredith Hunter. __________ (5) I was growing up in the early 1980s, the stereotype of smelly old hippies complaining about bad vibes had become something of a joke.

__________ (6) expectations,the dance music revolution of the late 80s and early 90s suddenly resulted in young people once again talking enthusiastically about which night club had the best vibe, how certain tracks had a real vibe to them and how the best DJs could read the vibe of the crowd.

Now TripAdvisor is full of reviews commenting on the great vibe that a particular hotel, bar or restaurant has; __________ (7), cities trying to attract tourists on weekend breaks boast of their great vibe …. and we’d obviously like to imagine our school has a great vibe about it – and that visitors pick up on the vibe __________ (8) they walk through the front door. Vibe’s journey up from the countercultural underground is complete. __________ (9), it’s a word used by a member of the House of Lords!

__________  (10), there’s an irony to all of this because this week also saw the forced closure of one of London’s most famous nightclubs, Fabric, bringing an end to a place that for fifteen years was home to a range of incredibly popular underground cultural sounds and activities. Proper bad vibes, man.

(Adapted from www.londonlanguagelab.com on 9 September 2016)

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