Participial clauses 2

Prepiši spodnje stavke tako, da uporabiš deležniške in deležijske stavke (participial clauses.) / Rewrite the sentences below in participle clauses (present, past or perfect participle).


0 I didn’t stay at the party long because I didn’t like the music.

Not liking the music, I didn’t stay at the party long.


1 Slovenia, which is visited by thousands of tourists, is becoming a popular destination.

2 The skier was awarded gold medal after he had won the slalom race.

3 While you are walking along the road for about five minutes, you’ll see the museum on your right.

4 Melanie couldn’t come to the cinema with us because she had to babysit for her little sister.

5 I couldn’t eat lunch because I had had a late breakfast.

6 My mother wasn’t happy because the housework hadn’t been done.

7 When Josh and his son were injured in the accident, they were rushed to hospital.

8 Pizza is one of the most popular dishes because it’s tasty and inexpensive.

9 The poet’s life became miserable because he hadn’t married his beloved.

10 My daughter was talking to a stranger in the street when I saw her.

11 Vinarium Tower offers great views from the top, because it is located on the highest hill in Lendava.

12 I woke up in a great mood on Sunday because I had slept well.

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