Britons furious over politician’s expenses

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PoliticianBritish people are expressing their outrage over how much they have to pay for their politicians. Their anger increased this week after revealing that a politician’s husband ____________________ (1 CLAIM) expenses for two adult movies. The husband of Britain’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith apologized on national television. A day later, more details ____________________ (2 COME) out about Ms Smith’s expenses to make the British people even angrier. Media reports state she claimed over $150,000 in expenses for her second home. This includes several washing machines, antique furniture, two televisions and even a kitchen sink for her home. This all comes from taxpayers’ money, while many Britons ____________________ (3 SUFFER) financially because of the global financial crisis.

Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown acted quickly to try and control any political damage. He asked for a committee to be set up to look into politicians’ expenses. At present, a top-ranking politician in Britain ____________________ (4 NOT EARN) over $90,000 a year. However, they are allowed to claim an extra $200,000 a year in expenses. This can include paying a husband or wife around $65,000 to be a personal assistant. The chairman of the committee Sir Christopher Kelly said his changes would take effect from April 2015. He told reporters: “It is now obvious that this piece of work needs to start as soon as possible.” He added: “If the issues involved ____________________ (5 NOT BE) complex, this would be done with a quick fix. But it is not that simple.” It is unclear whether his changes ____________________ (6 MAKE) Britons happier with their politicians.

(Adapted from on 1 April 2009)

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