Personality adjectives 1

Izberi manjkajoči pridevnik. / Choose the missing adjective.

Rezultat iskanja slik za personality

1 Larry is one of the best students at our school. He’s very _____.

a) loyal b) intelligent c) honest


2 Molly is my best friend because she never tells anyone our secrets. She is a _____ person.

a) trustworthy b) sensitive c) patient


3 Your room is always in a mess and you often forget to do your homework. You are really _____.

a) dishonest b) disorganised c) diligent


4 Trisha isn’t very _____. She likes to stay at home and read or play computer games.

a) sincere b) selfish c) sociable


5 Dogs are really _____ animals. No matter what you do, they will never leave you.

a) faithful b) conceited c) clever


6 Jake went to a party last night and was an hour latefor work today. That was very _____ of him.

a) unreliable b) irresponsible c) impolite


7 You should always say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. If you don’t do that, people will think you are _____.

a) disloyal b) impatient c) inconsiderate


8 Santa Claus likes giving presents to children all over the world. He’s very _____.

a) generous b) respectful c) polite


9 Polly and Pam are twins. Polly is very talkative but Pam is different – she is quite _____.

a) sociable b) mature c) reserved


10 Kelly is a social worker. She works with people who have had a difficult childhood. She is the right person for the job, because she is very _____.

a) sincere b) sympathetic c) cheerful


11 Sarah is a great doctor and she earns a lot of money. But she is still a _____ girl. She doesn’t behave as if she were better than the rest of us.

a) mature b) modest c) sensitive


12 Martin is the one who is always in a good mood. He’s never sad and never quiet. He’s a really _____ person.

a) cheerful b) moody c) outgoing


13 I don’t like waiting at the doctor’s office for a long time. I get really _____ when I have to do that.

a) immature b) impolite c) impatient


14 I can always count on my brother Fred. He always does what he promises. He’s very _____.

a) respectful b) reliable c) sincere

Rešitve naloge / Answer Key