Facebook set to be liked by more than half of Britons

Gap-fill: vstavi manjkajočo besedo na ustrezno mesto.


The British love affair with Facebook will pass a milestone this year, with more than half the country expected to use the social media site regularly.

Just over 33 million Britons _______ (1) expected to log in to Facebook at least once a month, 50.5% of the total population, up from just over 32 million in 2015, according _______ (2) a new report from eMarketer.

_______ (3) milestone that will be reached this year is that more than half of UK mobile phone users, 26.9 million or 50.8%, will be Facebook users.

“People are _______ (4) more time than ever with mobile devices,” said Bill Fisher, eMarketer’s UK analyst. “Indeed, such is the ubiquity of these devices that the default platform for the vast majority of Facebook users is now mobile.”

The report shows that this year 81% of UK Facebook users will access the social network _______ (5) a mobile phone; by 2020 that figure will be 88%.

The report also shows that in the UK Facebook is skewed toward female users, with 67.7% of the female population who use the internet logging in at least once _______ (6) month.

This compares with 57% of male internet users in _______ (7) UK.

Twitter will see its UK user base rise from 13.2 million (25.5% of the population) to 14.3 million (38.7%).

By 2020, Twitter’s UK user base is expected to hit 17.2 million

(Adapted from The Guardian, 25 February 2016)

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